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Stay away from the Steinitz robot trader it is a scam.

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Forex Robot Trader Complaint Review: Forex Robot Trader Don Steinitz Forex Robots with Outrageous ROI claims, Loosing performance, and NO response to support tickets Las Vegas, Nevada.

He wouldn't have to worry about sellling copies. All he'd have to do is use it himself to become rich or document it in a way that leaves no doubt and sell it to to just one person for millions. FYI, the fee's are part of the upsell. I wouldn't be surprised if a few days from now you get an e-mail about x system add on, or something else that's even more super duper.

If you want to be a successful trader learn to do it yourself. It takes skill, human skill, a robot can't do it consistently for a large amount of time. Which is exactly why he is a millionaire. As someone said in Jack Schwager's said in New Market Wizards most of the traders who become advisors or write books about the subject of trading are the ones who failed. Just to chime in; I have done a little reading and found that these robots take while to set up and learn.

I guess each one is different but the best is supposed to be Forex autopilot and Forex killer. I have read both good and bad about these products but have made a decision not to invest do to the retraining that is required.

I would rather know where I made my mistakes through my own strategies then have it wiped out by misunderstood process I am not familiar with. There are quite few of these robots out there now and all claim one is better than the other.

I suppose to find out you must jump in an make the purchase. Good luck to those who do! Why would someone make a powerful trading program for you to make money while the maker gets nothing? I was convinced that I could trust him due to his reputation and amazing results displayed on his website. I mean per month which is far more than what I will ever gain in a blessed month in my whole lifetime. Such a great deception after all the confidence I placed on this man.

I tried to contact their support center but I couldn't get any response from his representatives. I had to try a lot of times. I was then asked to stay patient when they finally bothered to respond that is because they are working on the matter and will soon resolve the problem. After all these trials in vain, I was just wanted to get my money back with no more negotiations. I have tried to get a refund but guess what? They didn't border to reply to my queries Something I could not digest easily.

He eventually decided to leave the business and play professional live poker known as "No Limit Holdem". Looking for something more fulfilling and the desire to work from home, Don met a gentleman in the Yahoo business and financial chat room. They quickly became friends and began discussing market theory and experimenting with all kinds of indicators and trading ideas.

They spent thousands of hours on the phone together looking for one method that could show some promise over all market conditions. Every idea had its own set of problems. Don continued for 12 years looking for the "holy grail". As you can probably guess one doesn't exist. He called that process "reverse engineering". Going backwards to see if he could find a pattern that was shared among all profitable trades.

He didn't want to throw in the towel. He knew somebody out there was making a living from the markets and he could too. Eventually Don stumbled upon Meta Trader 4.

It was completely foreign to him at first. He had no idea that a program could be designed to trade preset rules automatically by an "Expert Advisor" robot.