Challenge a friend or the CPU in the ultimate slugfest! While the 6-currency index updates the WPI data every week, it is updated monthly for the currency index. Although the trade deadline has come and gone, players are still on the move and we have you covered.


Unlike in the case of the 6-currency index, the CPI data are not readily available for few of our trading partners, which form part of the currency index. Moreover, from a statistical perspective, the choice of SDR as numeraire facilitates inclusion of the US, which is a major trading partner of India.

The exchange rate of a currency is expressed as the number of units of numaraire SDRs per ith currency. As against the practice of having three base years in the case of existing five-country indices, viz. As regards, the broad-based indices, the old country indices were constructed with as the base period. The choice of the base year is attributable to the significant changes in the macroeconomic environment due to structural reforms introduced in the wake of balance of payments crisis in India adopted a market determined exchange rate regime since April This is also supported by generally stable macroeconomic and external sector performance during that year.

This has then been normalised to arrive at the requisite weights wi , which are provided in Table 1. Table 2 gives the normalized weights for the currencies for the year , which is based on trade shares of previous three years. An ideal measure of effective exchange rate should attempt to use estimated measures of elasticities. However, data limitations normally favour the use of bilateral weights. Secondly, including China and some other East Asian countries, which are big competitors of India in the international market, in the revised currency basket has taken account of third country competition in a limited way.

For computation of 6-currency indices, the daily morning eastern market exchange rates of five currencies, except euro, are crossed with RBI reference rate for the US dollar. The CPI data are taken from online information system like Bloomberg as soon as these are announced by them. The basic source for data on monthly exchange rates and prices for 36 currencies is the IFS of the International Monetary Fund 2.

With the IFS providing data on exchange rate and prices with a lag of at least three months, the currency monthly indices have also been computed with a lag of three months.

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