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Jun 12,  · api for Bloomberg trading system karthik said this on August 6, at pm | Reply Is anybody guys can help me with .

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I'm downloading intraday bar data using Bloomberg API and C#. I have adapted the official Bloomberg c#

Jerry said this on August 19, at 7: Hi Nico, I would like to have that document for a reference as well. If you dont mind, please send a copy to me. Miyagi said this on January 6, at 2: Thank you so much. Kenny Wong said this on January 6, at 6: Nico, like others, I would be very interested in viewing the documentation [email: David Comeau said this on January 29, at 5: LB said this on April 27, at 5: Rudi said this on October 8, at Rashed Zaman said this on March 27, at 8: Joel said this on April 26, at 7: Claudio Corso said this on March 13, at 8: Thomas Burke said this on August 2, at 7: Bloomberg is very particular about how the data you receive from them is stored and re transmitted.

This also covers documentation. Seva Zaslavsky said this on June 15, at Nico can you please send me a copy of that Bloomberg Documentation — Many thanks if you can include and wombat documentation as well that would be extremely helpful aarprm gmail. Joan Dossen said this on January 31, at 4: Joel said this on April 26, at 6: VJ said this on February 9, at Also i need your advise on the below.

I have been using Bloomberg. API from bloomberg termial to fetch data from bloomberg. Awaiting for your response. VJ said this on April 21, at 3: Hi Nico, I would be very interested in viewing the documentation. May you please send it to me as well. Is anybody guys can help me with suggestion how to receive my trades from BBG. So, when the trade is booked, I want to receive a trading execution record via my interface and to process the trade. JordanL said this on October 19, at I have been working with Bloomberg B-Pipe for the last 5 years.

Our company developed feed handlers for both B-Pipe feeds broadcast and on demand and had them platinum authorized from Bloomberg. Please shoot me an email a at uzunov dot com and I would be glad to help you.

AUzunov said this on December 10, at Stock trading and investment service. Financial Data Feed Service. Reference data for active and mature bonds. Bond price data service. Real time bonds price data service. Corporate actions data service. Earning calendar information service. Energy futures quotes service. Provides operating hours for world securities exchanges. Mutual fund holdings disclosure service. Corporate bond information service.

Stock fundamentals lookup service. Real time international stock quotes. Closing prices for U. Closing index values for U. Real-time corporate insider transactions. US financial market daily news updates. Market quotes for U. Options price quotes service. Global Securities Master Listing. Stock exchanges master company lists. Earnings calls transcripts service. Volume-Weighted average stock price tracking. Symbol based watchlist management. Will this API be useful for me?

Here's a good place to start if you're looking for historical data on stocks: You may be interested in taking a look at a Udemy course demonstrating the use of several of Yahoo's finance APIs. If you need clean data to backtest strategies as precise as 1 minute interval, I would suggest to get a clean data source like http: They have both forex and stocks and it is ideal data for backtesting as they put their data in yearly files and simple to download from their site.

Then it is important to have a good optimization software with detailed reports to find patterns in different strategies. To visualize drawdowns for example with indicate what risk you take in the strategies. Yahoo finance API is not available anymore. I have moved to MarketXLS after this change, much more reliable data. One provider I'm surprised isn't mentioned here is Intrinio. They have a boat load of feeds with exceptional data quality for a great price.

You can also access their feeds by a couple different methods like websocket and excel. Skip to main content. Write for us Become member Login. Find out more about