What is the best method of analysis for forex trading?


Technische Indikatoren Mit den Forex Indikatoren erhält man keine Informationen über Gewinne und Umsätze der Unternehmen. Bei der technischen Analyse entscheiden die Trader mit Hilfe von diesen Indikatoren, wann Sie eine Position öffnen bzw. schließen.

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Technische Indikatoren Mit den Forex Indikatoren erhält man keine Informationen über Gewinne und Umsätze der Unternehmen. Bei der technischen Analyse entscheiden die Trader mit Hilfe von diesen Indikatoren, wann Sie eine Position öffnen bzw. schließen.

In a candlestick chart, each individual time period or tick is shown as a small graphical image called a candlestick. High and low prices for the period are shown as thin vertical lines at the top and bottom, extending beyond the thicker "main body" of each candlestick.

The top and bottom of the main body of each candlestick represent the opening and closing prices for the period, and the color of the candlestick main body signifies which was higher: Often, a higher close is signified by a white, hollow, green or lightly colored main body, and a lower close is indicated by a solid black or reddish main body.

Traders trained and experienced in the use of candlestick charts look for visual patterns, and specific candlestick formations that signal potential trend changes or other market activity. Technical Analysis goes hand-in-hand with forex charting. Technical analysis attempts to forecast future price movement through the mathematical analysis of past price action.

For many traders, technical analysis is the most important tool for examining the market. Technical analysis involves the study of past and forex prices-often though the use of charts-with the objective of predicting future prices movements and trends, and identifying opportunities for profitable forex trading. Many traders advocate technical analysis as the most or only! That opinion is based on the idea and cliche that the " market action discounts everything ".

That statement means that all factors that can be known that can impact currency prices are already reflected in the currency price. Of course, few technical traders would dare ignore pending events, such as the release of economic reports discussed in the section above.

In addition to the belief that the "market action discounts everything, fundamental analysis is based on two additional ideas: Prices move in trends: Currency prices tend to move in the same direction for periods of time. Market history repeats itself: Again, some examples of repetitive cycles can be observed on almost any forex chart.

However, this premise proposes an idea more subtle: Various simple tools can be used in technical analysis, such as moving averages, trend lines and support levels, or the advanced trader might choose from a wide range of advanced analyses and theories including relative strength index, Fibonacci studies, cycles, and many more.

The Elliott Wave Theory holds that markets are affected by the psychology of the population, and move in response to this psychology in a predictable pattern. The theory was developed in the 's for stock markets and is now being used in forex trading. Fibonacci Studies look at the relationship of numbers and apply the same sequence analysis to the forex market, to project the direction the market will move.

Pivot Points refers to the point at which the currency changes direction and increases or decreases over the day. Information from the previous day is examined to see where the pivot point will be for the current trading day.

All of these tools provide the trader with the perspective needed to ensure trades are accurate and profit is maximized. Many books have been written about fundamental analysis, and there is much much more to learn on the topic. Fundamental Analysis Fundamental analysis for forex traders focuses on factors that might influence currency values, including interest rates, the overall state of affected economies, central bank and government monetary and fiscal policies, Gross National Product, etc.

Some of the factors that should be considered in fundamental analysis are described below: The Economy While the worldwide recession of was a factor for all countries, it affected different countries to different extents, and different nations responded to the challenge using varying strategies.

Political In Stability All major currencies are issued by politically stable countries. Their website has a World Factbook and is a good place to start a general analysis of the baseline politics and stability of a country Government Policy Government policies - particularly monetary and fiscal policy can have substantial impact on the value of the nation's currency. Of course, these factors will affect currency values Observing Other Participants Another fundamental aspect of forex trading is the understanding other market participants and the effect they may have on currency values.

Events and Reports Agencies of many world governments track statistical data that reveals aspects of the economy. Economic Theories and Models Forex trading is a recent development, but stocks and equities have been studied for a long time, and economic theories and models abound on the best way to analyze information. By using this information, the trader can evaluate the fundamentals of a nation's economy, and ensure the basic research is sound Technical Analysis and Charting Often, forex markets are studied through the use of charts that show market prices over a period of time.

Bar Charts Perhaps the most popular type of forex chart is known as the bar chart. Candlestick Charts Like bar charts, candlestick charts plot forex price levels over time. Technical Analysis Technical Analysis goes hand-in-hand with forex charting.

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Fundamental and Technical Analysis learn forex online Analysis of the market is not merely a part of trading; it is the essence of forex trading. Central Bank of Iraq. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. Federal Open Market Committee. One Cancels The Other Order.

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