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This guide introduces e-mini futures contracts and covers e-mini characteristics, popular contracts and contract specifications, plus important e-mini concepts like margin, leverage, volume and volatility.

Traders will fight this. They will get in to programming mechanical systems that all are doomed to failure. They will get in to programming and searching for indicators because they think they are the Holy Grail.

Then Fibs and patterns, and Market Profile, and spreadsheets and track everything they can think of. But none of it will make a difference. None of it will make you a better trader. In fact it will only create conflict and make you a worse trader. Looking at way too much information, living in information overload will result in the paralysis of analysis.

It is not until you are willing to step back from your trading desk and ask the simple question: Better Momentum is plotted below the price bars and shows the waves of buying and selling volume. The most important of these divergence patterns are also plotted on the price bars themselves. For my Emini day trading, I use these 3 indicators on multiple time frames: Each higher time frame is 3 times the lower time frame. So the 4, tick chart is 9 times 3 x 3 larger than the tick starting point.

Follow this link to a feature article about the advantages of Tick Charts. Getting the trend direction right is critical. If you get the trend direction right, you can still make a lot of mistakes like a poor entry and still be OK. But if you get the trend direction wrong, making a profitable trade will seem like hard work, stressful and take forever. I use Exhaustion buying and selling volume signals from the Better Momentum indicator in my intermediate time frame chart 1, tick to determine trend direction.

To confirm a change in trend I look for 3 things:. My 3 non-correlated indicators are all confirming the same thing by analyzing different information — price, volume and trade size. This gives me high confidence that a trend change is approaching and an Emini day trade signal is setting up. Our goal is to secure profits while minimizing risk. Learn how easy it is to trade with our mechanical auto-trading E-mini Futures strategies.

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E-mini day trading services have come and gone over the years. Most of these services over-trade and use poor money management.

The problem is that most services are designed to sell you something today without concern for tomorrow. Our trading philosophy is different. E-mini futures trading requires patience, discipline and sound money management.