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Lessons and New Considerations. MetaTrader 5 version available here:

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I get indicator, and private forum. But indicator signal wrong, and the forum is dead. There is a problem with your Trend-Imperator-V2e, it has been showing trends that are going up or down but accusal trends are going the opposite way of your indicators. Guys if you have the trend imperator chart indicator software kindly send it to me, developer buywebsite.

How do i download indicator and is anyone else having the same problem? Hi, i would like to prove it first before buy it, so can anybody please sent a version that works correcly. If anybody know should also help me wit d link bjomos77 gmail.

I tried to download the file but on mt4 wrong … is in the former and not mt It must have a purchaser id protect in the DLL files. Buy the proper version. Not much point providing an account locked system. Might as well buy it from the company. Your email address will not be published. I am also looking for 5 to 6 days demo then i will subscribe it….. Hi, Is it possible to try the system for 2 weeks before purchase? Looking for 2 week demo of Trend Imperator system. Hi there, If possible, I would like to try your trend-imperator-v2 indicator before I purchase.

Thank you for your assistance. Could anybody tell me the results they had with this indicator? Please attend to this and don't ignore the emails!!!!!!! Amjad Hussain ur indicator can make perfect entry?

The degree of automation provided depends on the intent and scope of the EA in question: Your constant presence is not required for an EA to run and operate, but your configuration and methodical supervision is. You need a trading account with a Metatrader broker and a Virtual Private Server VPS to ensure that the Expert Advisor is always connected to the broker server, receiving quotes and executing orders at the best possible time. Kindly note that EAs will not function if you close the Metatrader terminal or shut down your computer.

Most of the EAs we provide are semi-automated, inasmuch as they require you to understand and set input parameters according to what the market is doing and the execution environment -like spreads and so on-.

Once configured, our tools provide a very high degree of automation but still require supervision. The best traders in the world use Expert Advisors as tools to enhance their activity, but not to replace their lack of skill. Even though EAs can provide a very high degree of automation and decision making, they should not be left to trade alone for long periods of time without supervision, because they do not control the environment on which they are executed: For example the broker can go off quotes, increase margin requirements or just deny orders in your account, effectively rendering EAs useless or counter-productive.

Our Expert Advisors are well programmed, extremely flexible and regularly updated to ensure a predictable and safe execution in your account. We offer our trading tools without hype or false promises: Then restart your Metatrader terminal, and drag the indicator from the Navigator to the price chart.

Kindly note that Windows can't install EAs automatically in your Metatrader terminal: EAs must be installed manually. Most of our free EAs implement well-known trading strategies using standard indicators, at zero cost. Home Products Metatrader Expert Advisors. Latency Arbitrage A high-frequency trading strategy that allows traders to profit from pricing inefficiencies between two brokers.

Hedging EA Automated management strategy that turns your losing trades into winners using a unique imbalanced hedging strategy. Grid Trading EA Profitable and mechanical trading strategy which has no reliance on direction and profits from wavy volatility.

Day Trading EA Fully-automated expert advisor which trades breakouts of variable lenghts, based on our famous indicator bearing the same name. Local Trade Copier Copy trades between different metatrader platforms with a powerful, reliable, flexible and tested expert advisor. Triangular Arbitrage The triangular arbitrage strategy places risk-free trades in three related forex pairs to exploit temporary market inefficiencies. Stop Reverse EA Automated martingale strategy that turns your losing trades into winners using alternative directional trades.

Trade Manager Pro This expert advisor performs position management for you, avoiding human errors and enhancing your trading activity.

Goldfinch EA A simple and universal pure mathematical scalper that trades tick data aggressively. Whale EA A simple reversal trend-following expert advisor that helps you to navigate the markets just like hedge funds do.

Equity Guardian This expert advisor constantly monitors the equity of your trading account and prevents costly drawdowns. MA Crossover EA This expert advisor trades moving average crossovers with fully customizable trading settings and hours. Parabolic EA This expert advisor trades the parabolic sar indicator with fully customizable trading settings and hours.

Random Trader EA This expert advisor trades in a completely random fashion with customizable stop-loss and take-profit levels. Pyramid EA Fully customizable expert advisor which pyramids your trades, amplifying the profits of your good trading decisions. Open Range EA Customizable expert advisor that scalps daily breakouts using Toby Crabel opening range breakout strategy.

Daily Breakout EA Customizable expert advisor that trades daily breakouts using bidirectional pending orders. Fractal Trader EA Customizable expert advisor that trades fractals using bidirectional pending orders. Flexible Breakout EA Fantastic expert advisor that trades customizable breakouts using market orders or pending orders, as desired.

Pivot Points EA Powerful expert advisor that trades pivot points levels, offering customizable trading sessions and position management. Trade Pad EA A visual trade panel that provides a simple interface to place trades with proper risk management and other actions. Stochastic EA Powerful EA that trades according to the stochastic indicator, offering customizable trading sessions and position management.