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Weekly Forex contests are meant not only for the professionals of currency trading, but also for beginner traders. You only need to register on the dedicated page of our site, open a trading account with the company and join in the competition you like the best.

Hope brokers will arrange a lot of new demo contest. Basics Forex vs Binary Options - 2. Forex Contest Blackwell Global Investments. We see that your website lists Demo Competitions from several other Forex Brokers.

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Forex demo contests are excellent way to earn real money not risking own funds. Many forex brokers offer very interesting demo competitions with high prizes.

What's happened, no new promotions??? Here is the link for the contest so you can share it with your subscribers and visitors. Hi Admin, Please update contest list. Many Demo Contest is over I won 2 time in miki forex contest but with crazy rules contest you never can withdrawal. What code is in the image? Forex trading carries high risks of encountering substantial losses for non-professional investors.

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Kontakt Ein Problem melden. Alles sehen Latest news Article Contest results for August are announced We have just published the results. Please visit the results page to see who won. Trading Short term Why trade? Now it's a very important question to answer why you want to trade short term if you want to trade at all. Many people would come up with multiple justification to trade short term starting with making some spare money in spare time to just for the thrill of trying to predict the future.

Now whatever the motivation behind your motive to start trading short term one has to be very clear that it's a damn risky thing to do with accompanying huge pressure on your mental and emotional skills. If one were to simply look on the statistics available on trader's behavior, a realization dawns that almost four in five people loose money in trading in currencies and CFDs.

So statistically speaking there is no justification for a average person to start trading either for short term or the long term as it's a surest way to loose money. Now all it boils down to developing some special skills to be among the minorities who make money in trading. So it leads to the next question which of course is 'how?

Now if you start searching for this answer after studying all the risk factors in trading you would be literally floded with the answers. Introduction Humans have really strong tendency to sell assets which brought them profit and avoid to sell those which has shown loss.

To explain this situation, scientists said that, in general, we avoid grief caused by losing transaction and we are aiming to reach pride caused by wining one.

The main question is: Does closing early profitable transaction and keep increasing loss make reasonable trading? Defining the problem Every trader should check if he or she undergoes a disposition effect. There are three questions you have to answer and if you answered yes to one of these questions you probably ended up trapped in disposition effect, keeping open losing positions when loss is only increasing in time: If the price will return from the loss to break even point I am going to sell this position.

I will keep losing position because loss is so big it cannot go any bigger further. How to prevent yourself from bei …. When did speculations begin and how? The adoption of globalization as the choice of the new empire which is the colonialism in a new name and new tools, one of the decisions that one of the requirements of the empire of the age to be the currency of the global reserve currency.

Therefore, the dollar was adopted instead of the sterling as the reserve currency. These institutions were publicized in Bretton Woods in In order to make the US dollar the global reserve currency, Bretton Woods also agreed on the fixed-exchange-rate regime, meaning that the national currency was fixed against the dollar at a fixed ….

In this article, we will talk about the general requirements for profitable trading systems.