How to Access My Smith-Barney Account


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Outstanding Grants Awards that have not vested plus vested awards that have not been exercised. When an option vests, you may buy stock at the grant price for the option. Exercisable Grants The number of grants that have vested and are available to exercise. Market Value Konto pamm forex estimated value of your plan, based on current market value Exercisable Grants multiplied by the difference between este Current Share Price and the Grant Price.

This estimate does not account for taxes, commission, and fees. For Illustrative Options Only. Unvested Plan A summary of the unvested stock of all your plans, which is the difference between the current market value and the award price multiplied by the number of shares or units that are unvested. Barney Total A summary of the total value of all plans, which is the current market value merck, if applicable, the value of options unvested awards or grants less the option stock of the grants.

You can also options over ibm column headers barney view definitions of the following terms, without leaving the Stock Connect Overview page:. In most plans, the smith day smith the offering period. The price at which you have the right to buy the stock during the term of the grant. Investment Management Fixed Income: Wealth Management Rising Oil Prices and Your Portfolio Oct 1, While higher oil can lift energy stocks, it can also foreshadow a downturn in markets.

Ideas The New Climate Reality Extreme weather events are the new normal, a growing risk that businesses and investors are learning to manage. See the ideas 16 articles. A New Threshold for Sustainable Finance. Measuring Impact, By the Numbers.

Has the Environment Reached Peak Plastic? Social Did you put your career on hold to focus on family? Learn more about the Wealth Management "Return to Work" program.

Diversity Creating a Sustainable Workforce: The Impact of Diversity Sep 20, We consistently strive to make Morgan Stanley a place where people from multiple backgrounds and experiences want to work. Investment Management Measuring Impact, By the Numbers Oct 2, How can straight-forward measures help investors quantify the impact that their portfolio has on the environment, society, and corporate governance?

Students and Graduates Never Too Early to Explore Career Options A party promoter who became an advocate for clean water in impoverished communities around the world shares insights on how to embrace our better selves.

Investment Management Stepping In and Stepping Up for Workplace Equality Laura Bottega says that encouraging young women to pursue careers in the often male dominated field of asset management is a story that bears repeating. Research Why the Euro Area Could Surprise Markets Could fiscal integration for the euro area drive a rally in risk assets and a stronger euro over the long term? Primerica Corporation later acq. Financo founded , acq. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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