“Sylvia McQueen, who invested just $157 in Bitcoin is, as of today, worth $1.2 million.”


Nicola hails from Serbia and has been trading Forex and Stocks since He’s worked as a trader and analyst, for a number brokerage firms and hedge funds in the last 6 years, and this helped him learn a lot of strategies that he continued to use on his own accounts.

Everything that lands on your front doorstep is only the beginning however The main purpose of this custom indicator is to identify your potential stop loss and take all guesswork out of the equation. That secret is that the market is always perfectly balanced.

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Nicola Delic started off as a C++ developer who turned his hand to trading after clicking on a Youtube link purely by chance. As a focused and determined young man he gave % commitment to learning how to trade, spending 18 hours a day mastering Elliot Wave trading.

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