Forex Hacked


Apr 07,  · Who knows how many, for how many downloads,, but wait, then you get a pop-up, cost of mt4talk pro is going up, hurry, and buy now for $ Implying, there are reasons you need the pro version to make the site worth while.

Write your review here: It seems to have been the best one I have tried so far. Robot work correctly requires a steady operation of the terminal from the market opening on Sunday evening before closing on Friday evening.


Forex Hacked is featuring a bunch of marketing crap on the first page, although it doesn’t hurt my eye like the typical EA homepage does. Besides some bullshit about how their EA is the best ever, it’s featuring a live statement that looks particularly good.

At one point this EA showed some promise, unfortunately it didn't last long. Trading 5 pairs on version 2. Trading 5 pairs on Version 2. Take Profit 45, Booster 1. Too sick of this happening to continue this performance test. Forex Hacked Pro Custom non-recommended "scalper" settings failed so I'm stopping this test. At the time of this writing, the account has a balance of over having started from but a floating negative of almost That account is probably going bye-bye soon if GBPUSD keeps going up, that is unless they stop it and remove it from their webpage and mt4stats before that.

Forex Hacked main test account equity as of I suspect the accounts are just demos set up by the authors at different points in time. The manual describes all the parameters in detail, but the only ones worth noting are the Lots, which default to 0.

I used history center data since, as previously mentioned, the take profit setting is a high number of pips But even considering the 0.

FYI, the broker i use support min lot 0. It only open trades when i use the old set of settings but not settings How to use Settings-2? Are they better than the original settings? According to Forex hacked support: You should use them as the original settings. As for the error, you should load settings for the same pair and compare the original settings vs.

I use the Forexfbi settings. HI friends, Need some help. I have contacted the forex hacked pro for support but the instruction given are not very clear. From there go to MQL4 and put the. I backtested the EA, using the MT4 tester and saw that some pairs achieve more on the 30M interval rather than the 1H interval.

Yes you could set everything up at home and just leave it. You may want to give yourself a day or two of monitoring at home to make sure its trading properly with no error messages before you leave for work. I like this EA. It seems to have been the best one I have tried so far. The only thing that stopped me continuing my account was the huge EU trend in May which ate up all my margin.

I had all nine pairs of FH Pro running, with all three systems, but max trades was set to 5 per system. That way you can hope to survive even the longest trend hopefully. And that is keeping risk to a minimum! Grid-Martingale is definitely one of the best strategies if not THE BEST around for EAs, considering they are always in the market, can take advantage of all opportunities, can leverage up so when the trend reverses you make an avalanche of profits! You can always adjust the grid size and martingale amount to control risk.

I simply used the default settings provided and adjusted only the settings aforementioned. Good luck with this one — it certainly is a beast of an EA. With higher risk comes greater reward potential.