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But how does that work if it is cash settled? Brexit and pound skew.

Why Day Trade Stocks?

***Paypal Bitcoin To Usd Mine Bitcoins At Home Bitcointalk Digibyte Paypal Bitcoin To Usd How Can I Earn Bitcoin Bitcoin Paper Wallet Printer Best Bitcoin Exchange For Online Poker The trouble with most people when they get into forex trading is that don't consider the time to coach themselves after which end up losing your cash.

There are plenty of free videos that are very very helpful. Thanks for your encouragement. Please come back soon. Sorry but Tim is just another scam in the realm of penny stocks. I think getting college fees involved here is such a lame…you wouldnt be here trading if you havent gone college, i am interested in tim sykes and like him so far , have watched Tons of his videos.

But i think its pretty expesive for such an amount.. As good as he is a trader but asking people for such an amount for a chalkenge and subscription does put people on doubt, this is lot of money its a hard earned money for people,,,as much as i respect him but the fees are too much for hard earner like us,,would appreciate ur answer, ,i am an immigrant by the way and make abt 25k a year.

I have found that there are much better educational and cost effective ways to learn how to trade. The key to this business is protecting your capital.

That is what this blog does every single day: In fact, I would strongly suggest you, and all who read this, be very careful if you are considering joining. Ed Martin is a friend and a great trader. Yes I recommend him highly. I also recommend Investors Underground. Yes I have heard. Anyway, if you want to reach out to me via email I will help you get started without spending a fortune.

Although what you are saying is incorrect I will tell you that you are very right. There are many scams that go on in trading. Taking advantage of that knowledge is the key. Obviously you know there are no guarantees and you are coming across as condescending. You have a right to your opinion and regardless of your tone your skepticism should not be just about Tim. It should be about every aspect of the stock market.

Tim is but a drop in the HUGE ocean. Huff Post website I believe. I have a better solution. It will only help those who are interested in the big picture. Have you been living in a bubble or something? I am from NY and we have to deal with people like Tim on a daily basis. We do so by ignoring their asses. Patrick, that article was clear and straight to the point. I believe education, practice and timing is everything; just my opinion.

Conclusion, I would definitely do my research before committing. I never quite understood that. I had filled out the paperwork online months ago, even had a guy call me for an interview but I never picked it up. You want so badly to believe it, but the only way to make money is to work hard.

I wish he gave it away. People who think in dollars and cents are selling themselves short. The only thing that you said that I will agree with you on is the work hard part. I am extremely interested in trading. I tried it on my own and nada, zero, zelch… I can surely use some know-how. I find myself pretty much break even. I make money but then I lose money. More specifically I will make money 3 or 4 days in a week but lose most of it on 1 trade.

That basically means my risk to reward ratio is off. Luckily I am not down but I plan to make specific changes to increase my odds of success in His youtube videos, while cocky, are indeed inspirational.

He wants to teach because he enjoys helping others. While doing the DVDS and books, he does make a nice, but small, profit. Ur probably right but anyways. I think his style is legit and I plan on investing my time to learn his techniques. The mindset and outlook you have in general is one so common among the many defeatist individuals that tend to discount anything and everything without any actual knowledge of the subject.

Im glad that people w that negative mindset exist though bc it allows us other not so unfortunate individuals to succeed in the areas that you arent willing to try to. And no im not a gullible easily persuaded person always looking for the next get rich in case that was going to be your rebuttle. Why is it a SCAM? Use this time to see how a Pumper who bashes on Pumpers actually Pumps a stock and then sells it to his subs. When you go broke — believe me, you will — then you can join IU and actually make some money.

I currently recommend Day Trade Warrior. The education, scanner and live newsfeed is great. How about attending the University of the Self? Tim makes much more ripping off suckers than he does at trading. Thank you so much for sharin the process. Im about to make the investment on tims challenge but currently im in a very difficult financial situation since I support my mother and myself.

Could you please guide me if im making the right, decision or is a scam. If there are online trading schools that really worth the money and time. Here is the truth. You need money to make money and that is the bottom line.

If you are using money to support you and your mom and you are on a tight budget you have to know that you could potentially lose. Have u made any money?

We could all bust and he ends up a multi millionaire? Any successful chatroom will have subscribers who pay for a service and that site owner will make the majority of their money doing that.

Trading small caps is not very scalable so making millions happens over a period of years and not days, weeks or months. However, with all that said I no longer recommend the challenge as I have found that Day Trade Warrior has a more solid educational format and is much more cost effective.

I highly suggest you do a lot of research and utilize the tools I put together here for free first. So, do your research, learn as much as you can without paying for anything and then find the route that is best for You without worrying about how much people make.

I hope that helps. I appreciate the digs on my name, lol! Its gotten me outta trouble a few times! People dont know to feel bad, or think its great! Thank you for your opinion, I will definately research till I find what works best. In the world of trading you can trade whenever you want. Now when I say this I am not trying to be mean but there is no other way to tell you the truth without giving you some important and hard facts.

Buying another dvd after not understanding the 1st one will only add to the confusion further burning through your limited capital. If you are trying to get my advise I would go through my site as I have mapped out my thoughts pretty specifically. I really admire this. Exactly as good as he is, why does he has to charge such an exorbitant fees if he wants to help other people, why cant he make the fees reasonable, it is hard for people even if they want to learn from him, if he is a real helper he got to be reasoble with fees ,,,,charging 5k is too much to teach the stuuf and old recording.

When you say you can help without having to spend close to the amount you spent on his course what do you mean? Can you please help me out I am not sure which direction to go here at the moment with what to learn. If I took even word and slang got what was in these DVDs I got it would be 6 years before I actually remembered them all and was able to use them lol Please e mail me here hod hotmail.

Hi Jai, im intetested in joining and im definitely very dedicated if it works so my question to you is how is it working for you so far? Are you still part of it and have you made money off of the challenge? I think there are much better and more cost effective ways to learn to trade. Feel free to reach out to me if you need any help.

Can you please send me an email of your recommendations as to where to start? Hi Chris please email me directly if you want a full breakdown of all my recommendations. However, I would suggest you start here. Read the books first and watch all the free videos that are out there. Take a look at some of the other Gurus. They seems to have some slight differences.

Jason Bond traded small caps, Sykes trades penny stocks and Ross Cameron does a bit of all of them. That is a guaranteed formula for failure. In fact, James, your comment has inspired me to write a post about how to use a stock chat room.

He read every book he could get his hands on and studied trading. What these guys can never give you is judgement. You need to develop that on your own. Anyway, I thank you for inspiring me to write another post. I find it sometimes challenging to write and you have given me an idea I will run with.

That, one must achieve on their own. There is obvious good judgement and bad judgement. In essence what is good judgement in trading for one might be bad judgement for others.

For example, I personally think holding a low float pharmaceutical stock over night is bad judgement, however, people build careers on that very same strategy. So, while I am in agreement with your statement I find that having good or bad judgement in trading is something that one develops over time.

Hey there did you end up profiting and is the cakllenge worth it? Have been pondering this since February and having a hard time deciding! There are a few people out there that are interested. I plan on continuing to post regularly. If I can shed some light on others along the way that would be all the more worth while. As for a trading platform I am looking into that as we speak.

I have heard others have used SureTrader and recently I spoke with Asheya the single mother of 2 who has over 71k in gains and she uses Think or swim. The main thing is feeling comfortable using the tools that each platform offers. Hope this helps somewhat. Congrats on signing up. Everyone and their mother is contacting Tim on a daily basis but someone will reach out to you.

First you will get an email asking you what is a good time to speak. Then you will get a preliminary call. If all goes well it will open up from there. The best thing to do is read, watch and learn everything about his technique.

You will start to see a lot of things overlap but that is a good thing. It is a bit confusing at first but if you just hold on things start to fall into place. Good luck with your interview. Let me know how it goes. What kind of questions are asked during the interview process? Do you have to be completely well-versed in stocks or can you be a beginner? Hello, I have a question. For me that was super time consuming.

I am looking at the challenge as an education that I am paying for. To date I have made smarter financial decisions based off of what I have learned. I have saved a lot of money, time and headaches by the world of knowledge that is there. However, there is a lot of overlap. Eventually you feel like you are picking things up. My suggestion to you is to keep learning.

Google everything that comes to mind and type in the name Tim Sykes when it comes up. See what he says. Read what he says and then you will be able to make a more sound decision on what is best for you financially, emotionally and personally as a trader. I hope this helps. I was interviewed and able to join. Does it really make a different having the live web meetings?

Do the text alerts tell when to sell and to buy? Also what software do you use? Although we all want to be profitable I signed up for an education first. I forced myself to NOT trade during the learning phase. So, I am still in the studying phase. I think you might be able to be profitable with just the pennystocking silver BUT you need to follow the rules and learn them first. Without rules you will more likely lose or possibly get lucky but not know why you won.

For me that is a recipe for disaster. I want to be able to duplicate my success again and again so I can have longevity. His alerts are there for you to see what he is doing. If you chase a stock that he has already entered you will lose. I have seen Tim get in and out of a trade faster than I can open up my email. Eventually, through the rules, you will learn to be independent and trade for yourself. That is ultimately what he wants from you as a trader.

As for the software question can you be more specific? Do you mean what platform am I using? If that is what you mean I will write a post about it soon. If you have any other questions let me know. Can you now make Tim Style trades all on your own identifying all the trading benchmarks he discusses. Why only penny stocks? That says a lot! I was going through my research on Tim and ran across this site and started reading.

I got to your comments and seems like you may have a pretty good background on trading. Can you mentor me or provide me with insights on tips and tricks to make successes similar to yours.

SB thanks for the kind comments and your proposal for mentoring. I suggest you check out his site here and reach out to Ross to show you how to get started. No mentor can guarantee profits but I can guarantee you that if you learn from Ross you will have a huge advantage. Feel free to read my review of his service here. I have put countless hours into it. However, I have used a lot of my knowledge to scale out of my stocks that I have had long before I started the challenge… So, those numbers are quite meaningless to me but to you they might.

The knowledge I have gained in the last year was worth every penny. I would do it again to be where I am at. Yes I can do this on my own. Well to be honest I have a problem letting my winners run.

I cut losses quickly but I cut winners quickly too. I should be up much much more but that is why I went to paper. Now why am I down on paper too? Same problem with a few fat finger mistakes. For example one time I wanted to short k shares of a stock and bought it instead losing a big chunk of money.

I have made 5 fat finger mistakes. Each one has cost me a big chunk of gains. No long term picks that is a different newsletter.

I get his daily watch list. I only trade Nasdaq. For the most part Tim does too. Your question on TWTR will potentially blow up your account. I suggest you test your theory out on TWTR with shares if you can make it work then congratulations. If it were only that easy. Tell your gf to stick to architecture.

That is a great career. That is all marketing. If your gf wants to experience trading tell her to become a swing trader short term trading. People think trading is easy. I know several amazing traders who lost 6 figures the last few days due to rule breaking.

He would never have to trade a day in his life again. I want to know how much actual money you started out with.

It is that easy. Why do people make this more complicated than it needs to be? Yes he makes much much much more money from his subs. Consistent gains with 5k plus? When did you read I did that? Yes my gains are consistent but 5K daily is a tough thing to pull off for most traders. I stumbled upon your website after doing more research on Tim Sykes. As a 22 year old, is it a good idea to finish my degree in finance as a fall back and get a job with a residual income to help open up my broker account?

Or should I be raising 10K as fast a possible and then get into the challenge? You ask a very tough and interesting question.

Let me start by saying you truly have to do what is best for you and the only one who knows that is you. Keep in mind that he studied his butt off, got a bit lucky and grew his account faster than most people do in a lifetime.

He is the exception to the rule. It keeps coming and I keep chopping away at it building my knowledge and confidence. So, that leads me to my last point. There is no harm finishing your studies because if the market is still around after the crash of then rest assured it will be there after you earn your degree. Thanks for your blog post. I actually am waiting to schedule an interview.

Honestly, I never do well with interviews but I am a very good man of action. I am not sure how to convey that over the phone. Could you give some tips on what to expect and how to handle the interview? Sometimes we feel put on the spot or we try to answer what we think they want to hear. However, here are some tips that will help easy your nerves before the big day. Write out your goals. Be specific in what you want to accomplish. That is a great way to showcase your ability to show action.

If you do you might set yourself up for HUGE losses. You know you are a good man of action so that is a good start but know your limitations and where you will have issues. Follow the above rules and jump into motion. Whatever happens happens from there. Are you the same people who send money to Nigerian Banks who tell you about winning Why would they need to charge you before sending you I wrote about my thoughts of Tim Sykes being a scam artist here.

But let me respond to your comment because it is just plain unthoughtful, uneducated and not researched. You compare Tim to the Nigerian bank scam which is lunacy. Those bank scams are blatant scams to rob people of their money by accessing their bank account.

I appreciate your comment and I thank you for trying to add your two sense. How successful are the challenge students besides the top 5 students? Could you elaborate on this? How many students percent wise are actually making 10k or more yearly in your opinion?

That is a good question. Also, you need to get used to the idea of being wrong. However, if you hope and pray things will turn around you will most likely take a hit.

Lastly I try to look at it like a baby. First you learn to hold up your head. Then you learn to crawl. After that walk… You get the point. Trading is the same way. I have made 4 trades and I am up on 3. I scared myself out of all 4. Anyway, take it one step at a time. Wanted to give you an update. I had my interview but I decided not to sign up. Not because something I thought negative about it but rather I just want time to think it over.

I found you on profit. Hope that is ok. Great job on explaining hour picks! Thanks for the update. I am happy you are following me on Profit. Please keep in touch and let me know if you ever join or go a different route with another guru. If you had your first interview then you should hear back right away. I know they have been swamped with everything. Let me know what happens. Thanks Jai you know as a 17 year old i am very interested in the stock market.

It is something i have a big passion for. When i found Tim and watched a lot of his videos i really wanted to work with him because i think he can make me a better and smarter investor.

Usually after you apply it takes a couple of weeks. My suggestion to you is to study everything you can about Tim Sykes and his techniques before hand. There is a HUGE difference. So, that being said, sit back and learn and wait for the next step. Hey Jai, great blog you got going on so far. Very interesting reading as I am pretty much in the same boat as you recently were. I am a pennystocking silver subscriber and also signed up to be a Trading Challenge student about 6 weeks ago.

Before I explain my situation let me first tell you a little about myself. I am 28 years old, married, and have a 2 yr old son.

I have only been trading for about 6 weeks and it has been a roller coaster ride. My account net has been up and down but mostly down. I told the T Sykes recruiter to call me back Monday morning and I will give him my decision then. If you were in my position, which route do you think is the best to take? Any guidance you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Wow thanks for sharing.

Let me start by saying this is not easy. In fact it might be one of the more challenging things ever. All is great when the money is coming in but one bad trade and you feel like a failure. Anyway, here is my thought. You say you have a 2 year old son. Give or take a few months he crawled when he was 6 months old and walked when he was a year.

Are you still potty training? My point is things take time. Imagine having the conversation with friends and family telling them that your son started walking at 6 weeks. Shock and skepticism would fill the room. You see I wrote this blog for people like you but more so for myself.

It keeps me grounded and real. I am scared too. I am very scared but in my heart I believe this is all worth it. There are NO wrong decisions here. You have to do what is best for you and your situation.

Is there a way to put half down and pay the other half in two installment payments. Or do I have to pay all up front. Or pay for a plan that has less services such as a plan without the DVDs or something. Yes there are several plans available. Please do your research as you do have many options. Check out the link here for more information. Hey Jai, not sure if you remember me, buy if you scroll up you will see that I was the person that was considering joining the trading challenge about a week ago.

My impression of the first recruiter that contacted me was that he had little to no knowledge of the OTC market and that his only concern was getting me to sign up. He mentioned that getting a credit card and putting it all on the card was a good idea and that I would more than likely make it back within a month.

He also said that I could just pull out from my broker account and that would be a good idea too. This guy seemed a little brighter just by the way he talked and the way he enunciated each word. But he was also very straight-forward. He was very pushy and even told me that if I decided not to sign up for the trading challenge, I should just quit trading all together.

He kept saying that as a trading challenge student I will get access to live webinars with Tim Sykes twice a month. Is that really going to make me a successful trader?

All in all, I felt like I was being pressured into buying something. I hope everything works out for you Jai and maybe you get better luck than me. I feel this blog is great DD for anyone considering the challenge and I just wanted to share my personal experience transparently.

Yes I remember you. We truly had 2 very different experiences. However, let me make it clear for you and for anyone else reading the comments. The stock market game in general is an ugly game and I see it more and more as I get deeper in. I feel I am too slow to react and that in essence will hurt me. His webinars are great for me. I learn a ton. My goal is to find my comfort spots in the market and respect price action. If I am wrong I plan to get out quick.

I have invested on and off for years. I have had some big gains and some big crashes. The truth is that what Tim is offering me is an education on the good the bad and the ugly. Trust me I have seen people lose big in the chatroom and I have seen them hit big.

I am me and I will do what works for me and not be a sheep. Here is the good thing. You did what was best for you and I respect that. I truly hope you do well in all your trading endeavors. Please check in down the line and see where I am at. Hopefully more in the green. What I mean is trading is not a simple step by step process.

For example if you were looking to build a table you could watch a video and get the necessary tools and supplies to replicate the results from the video.

Thinking you could download a video and watch it and now duplicate results will, aside from luck, get you killed. I hope that helps and thanks for the compliment. This was a comment emailed to me directly.

First I would like to ask if we can move this conversation to the comment section of the blog. There are other new people and readers who would benefit from this my answering your great questions.

I think that a full time job will slow down your learning curve and ability to study. However, it will slow down your mistakes and bad trading too.

This is all about timing. Sometimes the best trade to make is no trade at all. For example Tim Bowen has a full time job and has been with TS for years. I spend a lot of time studying. I would say 6 hours a day or more. I have passed up small jobs to study and learn. You are absolutely right.

I have a Fidelity account which I have had for years. Luckily for me I already have an expensive broker so anything cheaper will feel great. You are right again. The small gains take into account the fees. And to short a stock you will pay more. However, the borrow rate changes per stock and only adds up if you short a stock for a long period of time. You might even take a loss. This one is tough for me to answer. I like being with the team. I get to see many things hear things that they have taught me faster than had I been doing this by myself.

You might be different. I know you are interested in paper trading. I suggest you trade with real money but small size to get the experience. Emotion is really important to factor in. We are all genius hind sight but if we have real money with real emotions on the line we make different decisions.

Ok I think that covers it. Let me know if there are other questions I can answer and please consider my first concern of moving this convo to the blog itself. I teach martial arts for fun on my spare time and I see this a similarity with training: Seb I placed the comments on the starting millionaire challenge page as this gets the most hits and questions.

If people are curious enough your questions will definitely help others make better decisions. For me that is what it is all about. There is no rush to trade or be do this. I have made only 6 trades which you can view in my profitly chart on the right sidebar up top. There are times that people in chat are making trade after trade.

However, I just sit on the sidelines and continue to learn and get more comfortable before I take on a bigger step. There is so much free info on the web that you can learn a nice starting amount just by putting the learning time in.

You say you are a martial artist so that discipline should come in handy in this situation. Do yourself a favor and anytime you have a question google it with the name Tim Sykes in it. You can find a lot that he has written about. For example if you have a question on rules you can type in tim sykes trading rules. There are some great posts that pop up that he has written. Read it-Heed it well. It will serve you better in the future. As of today I have not interacted with Tim.

I do ask Michael Goode his first millionaire student and teaching guru that comes with the package a lot of questions. He answers them honestly and quickly. It depends on how you look at it. For me I see a very passionate man who expresses himself whenever he sees fit. He is not afraid to brag, confront, challenge and make fun of people and or students. Yep even his students.

But the reality is that trading is not a pretty game. He will YELL at you if you ask a dumb question. Better to be yelled at then lose money is what I always say. Which broker do you use is one? He mentions it in the welcome email. He mentions it in a ton of blog posts. You would shoot yourself. On the flip side, he is also not afraid to share his mistakes… especially his big ones.

At least for me that is. I hope this helps Seb. Once again thanks for stopping by. Please let me know how you fair in the future. Hi my name is Michael I am 17 years old live in Michigan.

I really want to get going with time I just really need some answers though so I would very much appreciate it if you could speak with me.

Sure ask them here. Great job on your trades. I had one question. What is required to short? Do you need a certain amount of capitol? Do you need to apply and get a credit check, etc? Can I short within my means or do you have to apply for a margin account just to short?

Thanks but 6 is just a toe in the water start. I plan to be a snipper and get more involved by standing on the sidelines waiting to attack. All a margin account means is that you have the ability to borrow money from your brokerage firm. You never want to use it but you need it to short. Then short within the means that you have in cash.

I would be a fool if I gave out the password. If you are a challenge member please check your email or email them directly so you have a password. I was just wondering what the difference was between the Millionaire Challenge program and the Penny Stocking Silver Subscription. Also, what would you recommend doing for a complete beginner. I want to be able to do the research, learn and then trade but am kind of lost with all of the knowledge available.

What else can I do and what can I benefit from? Hi John thanks for reading. Where to start is a good question. The best answer I can give is dive right in. Treat it like a foreign language. You will be super confused in the beginning but in time you will feel more and more comfortable. As for which route you should go I think you should think about it some more. Not so much learning work as it is personal work. As for the videos I just started watching.

I just watched and watched and watched. There is a 60 day video tutorial which gets you started but I just kept watching. My name is Sebastian and I have just recently applied for Tim Sykes millionaire challenge. I have a few questions as I do wish to work with him and learn under him. I have several questions and if you could answer them that would be fantastic. Is he doing this with a select few, or are there a lot of people that are currently learning under him?

How is the interview? Is it via phone, Skype, etc.? And if you can, what type of stuff did they talk about? I do not expect for Tim to be doing this for free. Let me first start by saying I am going to move this conversation to the comment section of my blog so others can benefit from it. We learn a ton of things such as charts, price action, cutting losses quickly, mistakes not to make, info we need to progress and the list goes on.

There is A LOT of studying. What do you mean direct contact? Am I speaking with him on the telephone? The answer is no. However, he is in chat everyday and you can see all that he writes.

You can ask the moderators questions and they are very helpful. Tim only answers during the live webinar. That being said a lot of questions get answered without asking as many people keep asking the same questions.

I have no clue how many people are in the challenge. For me it was a phone interview. The only way they and you will know if you are ready is if you answer them as they ask which will be honest and in the moment. Let me say this. Be honest with yourself and your expectations and you will make the right decision. The only pointer I have is be honest.

Think about being a smart trader with specific rules and the money should come. You answered your own question. No Tim does not do this for free. It makes no sense for people to get a feel for trading and then pull out of the deal.

This is serious business and the markets are not pretty. If you are not willing to pay the money up front you might not be ready. Sebastian let me finish with this… This is not easy. There is no easy way to hop in and make a ton of money. I have made 6 trades and they are becoming more and more specific each time. The idea is to learn ALL the rules and follow them to a T. Then build your account 1 trade at a time. You have to accept that you will lose money but that your winnings should outweigh your losses if you follow ALL the rules.

Thanks for the quick response! I had a feeling I knew what the answer to some of my questions was going to be, but I figured asking could not hurt. Keep writing the articles man, I really do enjoy them. One more thing I forgot to ask. There seems to be an endless and vast amount of information in his blog posts, all over the web and youtube which can be very overwhelming. I suggest hop right in and watch, learn and study.

If you have questions right them done. Chances are some of them will get answered. Check those off and right new ones down. Eventually things get clearer. I had a headache for the first week. I am not joking. The phone call is not really an interview they just let you know how things will work. They just want you to get onboard with the program. Now, for the program itself is it worth it? First off I would like to thank you for providing us real time information on your journey with Tim Sykes.

I as well have been looking into him and began watching his DVD series. However, I am full time student with literally no money lol, although I am waiting for the trading challenge interview, I realized that I most likely can not afford this right now. My plan so far is to keep studying from his DVDs alone and begin trading based on my own criteria and possibly signing up for TIMALERTS at first to begin gaining some capital to make further investments into his programs.

I am currently experimenting with thinkorswim paper money and to be honest I am super lost on the basics of buying, selling and shorting. I feel that I must first be comfy with a platform to then give it a shot with real money. All in all, what can you recommend due to my financial limitations? Good luck to you and thank you again for keeping us posted. I am eager to start but at the same time I still feel lost and short on guidance, maybe you experienced this.

Please note I have moved this conversation to the comment section of my blog so that others can benefit from it. Let me start by saying you sound like you are on the right track. You need to learn and get comfortable first. Your plan of studying is exactly what you need to do. Study, learn and educate yourself so you can be self sufficient. Good for you on the TOS paper trading.

This page will review both, including downloads, indicators, expert advisors, and invaluable tricks. We also list the top brokers that support the MetaTrader platform. Since , MetaTrader developers MetaQuotes Software have released a number of versions of the online trading platform.

However, it was the release of MetaTrader 4 in that really lead to a surge in popularity. In fact, between and , large numbers of brokers began offering the MT4 platform as an alternative to their own proprietary software.

This was a result of unavoidable popularity amongst the trading community and the high numbers of third-party scripts and advisors. In September the first account of the seriously enhanced MetaTrader 5 platform went live. The software is licensed to forex brokers, who then provide the software to their clients.

The server component is managed by the broker. Whilst the client software is used by those holding trading accounts to view live streaming prices and charts, place orders, and generally manage their accounts. MetaTrader 4 can be downloaded at no charge directly from the official MetaQuotes website.

Alternatively, you can download the trading platform from any number of online brokers. The all-in-one interface caters for both beginners and experienced traders.

Below you will find details of what precisely the MetaTrader 4 system has to offer, including instructions on how to get set up on the platform. As MetaTrader 4 brokers often point out, you get a wide range of analytical functions.

Online quotes and interactive charts with nine periods, enable you to pick through quotes and respond to price changes. To make the task easier, you also have 23 analytical objects, plus 30 built-in technical indicators.

On top of that, their free Code Base and Market, details of which are covered below, open the doors to thousands of extra indicators. The MetaTrader 4 MultiTerminal allows you to fund and manage multiple accounts from a single master account.

It is particularly straightforward to get to grips with if you already have experience with the MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal. Simply head over to their website and follow the on-screen instructions for this account manager download. These allow you to automatically copy deals from other traders. You simply select your provider, subscribe to a signal and then your terminal will copy the trades. Once you have finished your MetaTrader 4 Mac download, you will have access to the built-in market.

This is often a great place to find an Expert Advisor or a new technical indicator. You can buy any of over 1, trading robots and 2, indicators. On top of that, you can launch any of them without leaving your platform. Making a purchase is straightforward, transparent and secure. However, you can always contact MetaTrader 4 customer service if you encounter any problems. Automated trading can be a fantastic way to enhance an effective strategy.

The platform gives you the tools to develop, test and optimise algorithmic and high-frequency trading software. Once you have written your EA, you can attach them to a chart to profile any number of functions. MetaTrader 4 forex traders, for example, could then utilise their own application in trading.

Alternatively, you could post it in the free code library, or sell in the Market. This could help you to anticipate and capitalise on price movements. This service promises current financial notifications and timely notifications. In addition, you have the customisability to streamline access to the data and information relevant to your particular product and market.

So, how do you go about using the platform? Firstly, you will find a long list of buttons at the top of the platform. M is for minute, H for hour, D for day, W for week, and M is short for month. The magnifying glasses are for zooming in and out of the charts without altering the time frame.

If you look to the left of the magnifying glasses, you will see the three charting options. To customise your trading, right click on the chart window and you will be given a number of options. You can then automatically open trades at pre-determined sizes. All of these basic functions can also be carried out in the MetaTrader 4 portable mobile and tablet offerings.

You can save chart groups. This allows you to choose how charts and different windows are arranged. You can then save any number of profiles. In addition, you will find a few default profiles are included in the list. Another useful feature is the crosshair mode. This can be used for identifying specific time and price values, for example, when searching for a recent high or low.

To access this feature, click the middle mouse button. You will then be able to move the crosshair over any price bar, or any part of a price bar. The respective time and price values will then be easily identifiable. As MetaTrader 4 guides will highlight, trendiness drawn on charts allow you to identify areas of support and resistance.

To draw one quickly, click and drag to define the trendline, then release the mouse button. If you want to change the trendline, double-click and then do the following:. The MetaTrader 5 download is the latest version of the trading platform available. It is a multi-asset platform offering a number of trading tools and services.

So, you can trade the traditional forex, futures, stocks, and CFDs. There are also capabilities for trading cryptocurrencies and binary options. The key features of the platform have been explained below. Once you have your MetaTrader 5 online login details, you can start exploring their fundamental analysis tools.

These include access to financial news and an economic calendar. Both can be used to predict future price shifts in instruments on the MT5 platform.

On top of that, you will have access to a number of economic indicators and breaking news reports from international news outlets. Those concerned about compatibility will be pleasantly surprised.