An option schedule is a list of options grants to an employee or employees of a company that contains the date and size (in shares) of each .

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Since horizontal spreads involve selling and buying (or buying and selling) options with different rates of time decay (i.e. the Theta values are not the same on each option in the spread because.

This is how kids play in the backyard when they are growing up. Let them figure out how to get open. Their only rule is to stay patient and not get deeper than 5 yards. Despite the fact that this route is named for the option, most of our big plays come by hitting the crossing route.

Teach your Y to split the backers and then slightly gain ground. The depth of the route will be dictated by how deep the Mike backer gets when he reads pass. If you do run into a team that plays Tampa 2 and drops their backer to 20 yards, you can come back with CURL subject of a future post but this is usually an adjustment for summer 7 on 7 leagues where the backers cheat.

I have rarely seen a high school backer get deep enough where the Y cannot get over top. Another trick is to tag the route with play action. This will hold the Mike and make it easier for your Y to get over the top. If the Y gets knocked off his route, the safety can stay deep and the route is dead. He has to be able to run through contact. The coaching points on both the playside and the backside posts are pretty simple.

These post routes are actually a bit counter intuitive. I teach my guys that their main job is to make the safety turn and run. If they are allowed to hover between the playside post and the cross, they can ruin the route.

I always tell my QB that the first thing he should do is identify the number of safeties. Because, if there is only one deep safety and he shades or buzzes to the playside, you always have the option to throw the backside post. This is a 5 step drop.

The progression is Option, Cross, Post, Swing. Eyes start on the option route. If it breaks open, the QB should throw it off his 5th step with no reset. Like all the routes in this offense, the QB makes his first read while in his drop. If the option is covered, the QB will reset and look at the cross. The main coaching point here, is to throw the ball before the route breaks open. The QB should deliver the ball to the left of the linebacker while the Y is still to the right of the linebacker.

I use the window drill to teach this skill. Set up a few defenders in a line yards apart and have a receiver run down the line behind them.

This crates windows, where the receiver is open between the defenders. The trick is to throw it to the 2nd window while the receiver is still in the 1st window.

If your QB can master this drill, he will be good at throwing the cross. If the safety has come down to cover the cross, throw the Post. If the safety is still deep, the QB will check it outside to his back. You can call this route against any defense. It can beat all coverages and the option route is a built in blitz beater.

If you have read any of my previous posts, you will know that this is a common theme and it is the main reason I love this offense. I love plays that work against any coverage because they are not gameplan specific. I see so many coaches put in unique looks to combat a certain team. They rep them for two days and then try to execute them on Friday.

I do not believe this is a recipe for success. Kids need repetition and familiarity. We can call Y or H option every week, no matter the opponent, no matter the coverage, no matter the gameplan. Alphabetize the sort order of my symbols. Call and put options are quoted in a table called a chain sheet. The chain sheet shows the price, volume and open interest for each option strike price and expiration month. New to options investing? Be sure to check out our Options Trading Guide.

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