How to import Forex data and take the most of it


Quick Start Download Forex Tester and install the software. The downloaded version already contains 1 month of historical data on 16 .

If you're exporting anything other than tick data, you must select "Generic tick format comma delimited " under "Output Format" to get the correct header and data format to populate the fields.

Multi timeframe backtesting

Quick Start Download Forex Tester and install the software. The downloaded version already contains 1 month of historical data on 16 .

We provide free historical data starting from 01 January until the current moment. These data can be downloaded via the Data Center window in the Forex Tester program or in archives from our site. Our software converts historical data to a highly timeframes automatically, so we recommend importing 1-minute data into the program, in this case, you will be able to use these data on any timeframes in Forex Tester program.

Historical data can be imported via the Data Center window only. You need to download data only once; they will be stored on your local disk once you download the data from our server. Note that the list of available brokers can vary depending on the Data Service type. You can get more detailed information dedicated to the historical rates at this page: With the help of this dialog you can add your missing data Forex Tester will automatically determine which data are missing for this currency symbol , or just download data over some period of time.

In the Info box, you can see the information about the broker and symbol, available data range and the type of data to download. Data Server provides two types of history - 1-minute history and tick history which consists of real ticks and gives the best quality of testing. Tick history is available only for Premium service subscribers.

In the Date Range box you can define what part of history you want to download. If you select the Download new history option, then you will get the part of history from the last update. This method is very useful to update your history time by time, so you always have up to date historical data. If you have an empty history or cleared history before import - it will download all available history for this symbol.

I thought a lot if I should buy this software. I browsed different forums, read testimonials and then finally decided to purchase the program. Even though I had to save money for several months, I'm definitely satisfied with my investment because I've already saved much more by not going along with losing strategies. And of course I will keep testing every system I find because I have a lifetime license of Forex Tester. Was this review helpful? The program is easy to use.

If you worked with Meta Trader then you will quickly understand how to work with this software. The free data that comes along with Forex Tester is not that qualitative and has some gaps.

However, when I imported the data from my MT4 the results became excellent. I recommend this program to all traders, the beginners and the experienced ones. I was surprised when I realized how much time and money I was spending on a real account, when I could just choose to test my strategies on this backtesting software without losing anything. You will only be mislead by false assumptions and the ability replay.

This software does nothing to help you make better LIVE trading decisions in real-time. You are better off paper trading a demo account. I have been using your software for about a week now, and I must say I don't know how I could've lived without it! I've been trading Forex for over four years!!! It's been the best money I've ever spent on software for forex trading! I love the order placement with its ease of use I was a bit scared of trying it but if I can figure it out, anyone can!

So, in closing - thanks for a great product! This is the closest thing to real life that there is. You need to use this tester before you test with real money. I would like to be able to add some of my own indicators without having to be a programming genius. I have MT4, which this is very similar to, so I would like to add Mt4 indicators.

You have to have this program to TEST your trading. Demo accounts take to long to trade with. This is an invaluable tool for forex traders. Login or create an account to post a review. Not to worry though, the training videos start at the VERY beginning — how to download and install your MetaTrader 4 platform, how to download all of the testing data and set up your platform, and what to do from there. What is Strategy Tester?

Strategy Tester is a feature inside of MetaTrader 4 designed to give traders the ability to run a simulation to test their automatic systems on historical data, tick for tick. You can replay the market tick for tick at virtually any point in history with a high degree of accuracy, and place manual trades in this simulation just as if you were placing them in the live market.

The replays happen within a MetaTrader 4 chart, so all of your indicators and templates can be used, ensuring that your practicing is as close to the real thing as possible. Does the software come with training?

If you are dissatisfied with the product for any reason, you can request a refund for up to 60 days past the purchase price. Once a refund has been processed, you will no longer be able to use the software the license will be disabled. You will have a contact method for our customer support line in your members area — this will allow you to submit any questions, comments, etc.

Support for Simple Forex Tester will always be free, as long as you are an owner. Is the installation and setup difficult? Simply run the installer, which will search your computer for MetaTrader 4 installations, and will give you a list to check which ones to install Simple Forex Tester to.

The installer makes it very easy, but if you have any problems at all, our support team will be there to help you get up and running as fast as possible.

How many MetaTrader 4 platforms can I install and use the software on? You can install Simple Forex Tester on as many MetaTrader 4 installations as you wish on up to 3 computers. Does Simple Forex Tester place trades for me? No, Simple Forex Tester does not place trades for you. It utilizes Strategy Tester inside of MetaTrader 4 to allow you to practice your manual trading and manual systems on historical data. Is there anything else to buy? Download Our Free App.