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Alex, a car dealer in LA, USA, asked me whether I could provide a longer list of specific China business ideas, after reading Most Profitable Business Opportunities in China for Foreigners.. Alex told me that he want to build some .

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Content SEO : soigner les balises et les titres

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It is the first time that Saudi government looked up to the technological innovators to improve experience of pilgrims in two holy cities. The Muslims all over the world know that Hajj pilgrimage is performed in different cities and there are some moving and logistic problems are involved. The participants of this event will provide the solutions to solve the problems related to: The YouTube content creators were facing too much problems after the careless policy changes from you tube.

The new monetization features will remove all the issues. Is the first new feature, and as it name shows, it let the creator to define the exclusive content for its members. The users who interact with the channels can now access to the exclusive content such as emojis, stickers or extra videos that belongs to the content creator by paying fee.

Now it depends on the channel owner that what kind of content they want to offer. It can be now placed under the video from where the user can view the content creator merchandise without having to go down for the link in the description.

Most of the you tubers have to add a storefront link in the video description, before the new feature solve this issue by viewing merchandise along with its picture and prices, so that the audience don t have to leave the page for checking it out.

Is the 3 rd new feature and is similar to the Facebook online game show, or gamification feature. The you tubers can now show their prerecorded video in live stream for the promotional purposes. During the live stream the users can also interact, and for showing their comment on the top the users have to pay money for that, just another way to generate cash without advertisement. Keep in mind that these new features come with the new you tube policies, which demonetize the videos that contain vulgar language, violence and disturbing pictures, nudity and sexual suggestive content and portrayal of dangerous activities.

You need to invest the amount consistently and it can generate passive income. If you are on the right track to become the millionaire, you will reach to the seven figure status with these routines, habits and personality traits can describe you, if you do something right.

You need to know 7 signs, which could be on your way to strike it rich. The author Thomas C. Corley found in the multi year study of the self made millionaire, the rich and you should not rely on the single source of income. He says that there are sixty five percent, who has at least three streams of income, which they create prior to make their firs million dollars like the real estate rentals, a side hustle or the part time job.

There is the only reason to save the money is one day invest money. It is important how much you save and invest than size of your paycheck. It is mentioned by a personal finance expert that he would teach you to be rich.

Corley says that you are as successful as those you have close association with them. The successful people agree that the consciousness is the contagious and expose to people whore are more successful and they can have the potential to expand their thinking and catapult their income.

He also says that they can become like the people they live and this is the way, the winners can attract the winners. Napoleon Hill studied about millionaires and he found that they are good at making the choice.

He has done the analysis of several hundred people, who earned their fortunes beyond the million dollar mark, which shows the fact that everyone of them had the habit of getting the decisions promptly. If you know what you want, you are one step closer to get what it is you are aiming for. There are most of the millionaires, who made plan to get rich and make it happen.

He says that they appreciate the power of learning long after college or the formal education is finished. Then they should walk into the home of a wealthy person and they will see that there are extensive library books, they used to educate themselves on how to become more successful.

The middle class reads the novels, entertainment magazines and tabloids. If you set your expectations high and are up for the challenge, you are on the right track.

No one would strike it rich and live his dreams without the big expectations. Fiverr is the freelancing marketplace for the free money earning platform and it can become primary earning source for the freelancers.

You can get the order and start work on your order and you receive the amount after completing the task. If you want to check some time tested tricks to get first order and bring more. There are some of the proven methods to grow your brand on Fiverr and make good recurring income through it. It is not a big deal to make the account on Fiverr and you log in with the Google or facebook account.

When you continue with Facebook or Google, it takes your real name from the Google account or Facebook ID and most of the people can make mistake and they opt for particular name. You should ensure that your profile should be under your own name with the real and professional photo.

It is essential to talk about certain trend in Pakistani freelancers. The behavior of the buyer on Fiverr becomes bias towards non native freelancers but there are huge number of Pakistanis and Indians, who are still on Fiver and they are still running their accounts under their real names and real profile photos.

They are successful and they kept their standard as they were picked by Fiverr to show the Fiverr community in the relevant countries.

You can also opt for the native English speaker name and it is not violation of Fiverr rules as they do not change proxy settings and maliciously change their location. They can also find some of the sub-sub categories under the sub-categories. The category of Business and Copywriting, it shows more filters from which the buyer can narrow down his search like website copy, Ad Copy, Product Listings etc.

You should narrow down your approach to single main category instead of spreading the categories. You can make the 3 to 4 gigs in the sub category and it will cover all sub-sub-categories and the best way is that it goes deeper and tries to complete the expertise. Fiverr is evolved into one hell of melting pot of excellent talent and you can earn a lot with custom offers and new Pro Program of Fiverr, which is now introducing the handpicked niche experts.

Some people waste their time in finalizing order details and listen to grievances of each customer, they ensure the no one leaves the review less than 4. One buyer with enough pockets is convenient to discuss with him and you need to satisfy him and also turn him into repeat customer. You need to gear your research, keywords, gigs and efforts to get big buyers. The loopholes are found as bad word and you can use it to make the customers happy and line up the pockets. The sellers find customers, get orders, deliver and dump the clients to serve the person next in the queue of sellers, which is the wrong approach.

The right approach is that you put yourself in shoes of buyers and you can tell that they are inexperienced, young, ambitious and tight on budget internet entrepreneurs. Most of them have idea of online business and they need graphics, website and business names and taglines, social media marketing, content writing and SEO and various other services.

Upselling is the skill to sell something, which are premium, additional or special to customers and in most of the cases, the new level of same service that they have sold them. We suppose that you have sold a script to customer for whiteboard explainer video they needed.

You can upsell with the offer of whiteboard explainer video and place the order by asking them for authentic native English voice over to arrange for them.

Most of the people, who worked on Upwork will find Fiverr gig system excellent or they can offer the total unfair advantage to the successful sellers. You need to go to Buyer Requests under selling tab, when you sign into Fiverr account and find out Buyer Request according to the categories that you are dealing. Most of the buyers, who fail with Upwork or Fiverr Buyer Requests are such clients, who will:.

When someone starts working on Fiverr, they should know about gig titles, search tags and descriptions, which are needed to be infused with proper focus keywords. Most of the writers do not know the difference between slogan and tagline but Americans know it well. If you are copywriter and you are offered the Business Names and taglines slogans and in return you choose slogan then how do you think it is for your gig to reach to the American entrepreneur, who look for taglines in the search box of Fiverr.

Gig is actually a skill on Fiverr and you can sell it to the prospective customer. If coding is gig, voiceover is gig and every skill can sell is a gig. You can get the portability of getting first order trickles down to gig description.

If you have completed everything carefully, but the gig description does not have quality of good sales copy and you will not sell it. If you are selling on Fiverr and there is none to sell it without cheesy, corny and compelling the sales pitch. There are the proper uses of option including Bold font and it is needed to highlight the important phrases. Kay Jay Group Receptionist Female. Tradarea Pvt Ltd Marketing Executive. BizOrient Data Entry Operator.

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