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Demand for gold will continue in the event of a deepening political conflict in Italy. The dollar continues its victorious procession, and, as usual, political events are the main reason, but in a strange way, the movement in the market fully coincides with the macroeconomic data.

Fed Chairman Jerome Powell, speaking at the National Association of Business Economics, confirmed the Fed's policy of gradually increasing interest rates. Powell confidence is based on some long-term trends. On Tuesday, the foreign exchange market did not demonstrate an unambiguous dynamics.

Still, the influence of multidirectional forces both supports and exerts pressure on the US dollar rate. First bearish target would be located around 1. The current decline below 1. Otherwise, further a bullish advance towards 1. Wie man richtig handelt Flash Spiel. Die Zukunft ist schon heute: InstaForex und Dragon Racing.

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After locking himself away for years …. In the next few minutes I know how these things work. These internet marketers are good at what they do They convince you, through well-written website sales-pages, that they can make your biggest dreams come true.

They prey on our personal hopes, dreams and aspirations The Robot you bought turns out to not just fail to make money - but ends up losing you money! And your trading account ends up hanging by a thread You swear that you will never buy a Forex product ever again. You lose all hope in beating Forex and finally making money. Every time you think about Forex you get a depressing, anxious feeling in the bottom of your stomach.

I'm not offering you a signal service. First, let me ask you You want to make money! You want to get away from the rat-race and having to go into work every day For other people, who do less than you, to make x times more money than you! Does this sound good? But, far from it being complicated or full of indicators, it is unbelievably simple. This is simply untrue and something that many new traders get confused with.

Whenever I discovered something new - I tested it. The only thing that never changed was: It was evolving and improving all the time I remember long ago, when I was very frustrated with Forex, I gave up believing that a system could make money. More than 6 years on from that and my trading account tells a very different story. I had my rules for the system and applied them to the chart I was watching.

I knew the rules inside-out and back-to-front. The rules were absolutely black-and-white. Once I realised this I then knew it was possible develop my system even further than it already was. I had a plan Instead of following the charts manually and applying the rules in my head - I was going to take my system to the next level! I had enough programming skills to know that I could do it myself. So I set about developing my system into something that anyone could trade.

I had it up and running fairly quickly. So, after 6 years, thousands upon thousands of hours of development and custom programming of the system it now really was as good as I could get it. My system is as good as I can currently get it.