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Sie suchen eine Veran-lagung in unterschiedliche Anlageklassen und An-lageregionen mit jährlicher Ausschüttung? Der neue Mischfonds Amundi Funds Target Coupon bietet Ihnen diese Möglichkeit.

Dying persons No one is dying.

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Sie suchen eine Veran-lagung in unterschiedliche Anlageklassen und An-lageregionen mit jährlicher Ausschüttung? Der neue Mischfonds Amundi Funds Target Coupon bietet Ihnen diese Möglichkeit.

Last week Zimbabwe and Iraq were the only two currencies revaluing that were not on the Forex. Zimbabwe announced they would go gold-backed on Mon.

The Central Bank of Iraq was supporting mandatory training for private banks for the next 4 days to next Wed. July 11 , 6. There is very, very positive stuff going on right now. July 7 Intel Report: Instructions for the RV would be given via a website that would come online during the time of the event. The 's would no longer be used to make an appointment, but rather numbers you could call for instructions on how to access your funds.

July 7 Zimbabwe was 6 hours ahead of us so 12 midnight Sun in Zimbabwe was 6pm Sun. The CBI is supporting mandatory training for private banks during the next four days.

US Banks have a heightened awareness today July 7. They think "something" is stirring. July 7 2: The QFS currently has accounts for each and every human being on this planet. The compensation funds given to you would be deposited into your account on the QFS.

Trust in the plan, all would be compensated. The wheel was in motion. Updates for the Past Week: Update as of July 1, If you're having trouble please give me an email at UniversalOmHz gmail. You may now send in an entry. All you need to do is send your entry to UniversalOmHz gmail. The subject line of your email should be: Military scams Scammers pretending to be military personnel.

Threads 1, Messages 3, Sep 26, De Master Yoda. Miscellaneous Examples of other kinds of scam e-mails.

Letting scams and problems to avoid. Sep 22, Honest Guv. Money Transfer Scams You are not dealing with W. You got an email from a criminal. Threads 2, Messages 5, William Edward, Money Gram.

Mystery Shopper Sorry it isn't real. It's a fake check scam format. Sep 22, Central Scrutinizer. Next of Kin Not related? You can't be the next of kin no matter what. Threads 11, Messages 24, Orphans No you did not get an email from some poor orphan kid.

You got a scam mail. Threads 2, Messages 4, Phishing It's a phishing mail. Please don't click on links or open attachments. Threads 1, Messages 7, JP Morgan Chase Bank. Product purchase scams They aren't interested in buying anything from you.

Threads 2, Messages 3, Real Estate scams It's still a fake check even if it's in escrow Threads 56 Messages Jun 18, Princess. Recovery scams No, they will not recover money that you may have lost. Threads 5 Messages Nov 4, Dororo. Refugee scams Examples of scam e-mails from orphans, etc. Rental scams No you cannot rent. Sep 12, JavierV Representative fake check Scams Scammers are not looking for a representative in your country.

They just want to send you a fake check. Threads 2, Messages 6, Romance Scammers Don't you just love them? Yes, they are scam emails. Threads 3, Messages 8, Scammer 2 Scammer What scammers talk about with each other. Threads 97 Messages Sep 24, Nanook. Spellcaster Scams Magic will not solve your problems and neither will these scammers. Threads 57 Messages Sep 24, The Doctor. Stranded Traveler Scams No one travelled and you can't help.

Jan 30, Central Scrutinizer. Virtual Money Scams Threads Messages Protecting yourself from Bitcoin and Forex scams. Aug 18, Honest Guv. Visa scams Threads 45 Messages Threads 45 Messages John Brown, Canada Immigration Bureau. Not an email from a widow. It's an email from a criminal. This is my new home!

Threads Messages 7, Aug 28, toper Threads 76 Messages David Aminu gets 2 years in Irish jail. Jun 11, Spanish Administrator. Photos used by scammers They use them, but the photos are not the real scammer.

Sep 25, Prints Of Darkness. Passports Fake or stolen passports. Aug 29, Cold War Kid. Documents Documents that scammers have used. Threads 59 Messages 1, Sep 4, Nanook.

Threads 19 Messages Jan 27, Sphinx. ID cards Fake ID cards. Threads 37 Messages Sep 18, Prints Of Darkness. Miscellaneous photos Scammers use these photos to steal your money. Cancer victims photos NSFW. Aug 17, Sphinx. The Trophy Room Real scammers doing silly things. Threads 13 Messages Sep 7, Wally WW. They want to spam here so we'll give them some fame. Threads 4 Messages Sep 7, basenji. You don't have to take it from the scammers!

Want to tell how it happened? This is the place. Sub-forums Sub-forums General scams Romance scams. My communication with agents from Benin, Republic of Africa. Oct 6, Nanook. Audio and video People fight back against the scammers with publicity. Ukrainian scam common words. Aug 12, Tariel. Internet resources Need help?

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Banere Finance Online Bank. Aug 19, Honest Guv. News of the Scam World! All the news that fits, and media resources. News Anything related to the fight against scamming. Sep 20, Jessica. News Media Links to international media. Feb 8, Dororo. Fun and Games It's not all serious business. When you need a laugh, this is a good place.

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Threads 3 Messages 5. Jul 21, Naruto. Threads 1 Messages 1. Sep 7, Miyuki. Mar 5, Dororo. May 5, Miyuki. Sep 8, Miyuki. Apr 1, Ben. Mar 13, Olga Kuzmenko. Mar 18, Phantom. Aug 8, Maya. Threads 1 Messages 3. Mar 13, Gentle Giant. Threads 26 Messages Apr 22, Sophie. Threads 0 Messages 0. Threads 14 Messages Mar 27, Gentle Giant. Threads 28 Messages Aug 22, Maya. May 10, zarzar. Threads 2 Messages 3. How to recognize a scam email: Oct 7, Gentle Giant. Threads 40 Messages Mme Zainab Aisha Abdallah.

Sep 17, Kat. La cybercriminalité au maroc. May 1, Lioness1. Threads 2 Messages 2. May 26, Sapphire's Strike. Jun 19, Central Scrutinizer. We hope they are good. May 6, Lioness1. Other websites you can go to for help or assistance. Threads 12 Messages Jul 14, Quark. Jun 11, Princess. Threads 9 Messages 9. Sep 24, Princess. Threads 8 Messages 9. May 15, Princess. Aug 30, Princess. Threads 30 Messages Feb 1, Princess. Threads 8 Messages 8. Aug 21, Princess.

Sep 25, Princess. Aug 14, Hua Mulan. Threads 41 Messages Feb 17, Hua Mulan. Threads 10 Messages Jun 12, Hua Mulan. Jul 3, Hua Mulan. Aug 12, Hua Mulan. Threads 3 Messages 3. Apr 19, Hua Mulan. Threads 64 Messages Aug 11, Hua Mulan. Threads 5 Messages 5. Nov 16, Hua Mulan. Threads 22 Messages Español Foros en Español. Bienvenidos Bienvenidos a AFI. Threads 27 Messages Aug 25, coco. Es esto una estafa? Apr 3, Central Scrutinizer. Ejemplos de Correos para Estafar Threads Messages Sep 27, Mark Herdford.

Nov 9, Emsilatas. Estafadores Threads 94 Messages Sub-forums Sub-forums Estafadores Estafadores Sentimentales. Threads 94 Messages Dianelys, de la Habana. Noticias Cualquier noticia de nuevas estafas. Threads 29 Messages Jul 3, Phantom. Cosas que puedes hacer para defenderte de los estafadores. Threads 32 Messages Cuenta tu historia Recursos. Estafa para ser ejecutivo del Banco Central de Bolivia. Jun 30, Wonderwoman. Medios de Comunicacion Threads 19 Messages Aug 7, Wonderwoman.

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Threads 5 Messages 7. Sub-forums Sub-forums Banques fausses Compagnies fausses. Oct 11, Kat.